Best WordPress Hosting 2020

Best WordPress Hosting 2020 Compared

For any form of online business “search traffic” is the only important big thing that matters. All the online business owners expect to have their website on the top of the search result and get tons of traffic.

You try your best with technical SEO, off-page optimization, link building and many more. But, sometimes despite doing all this, you get out of nowhere and fail to receive good traffic and good rankings. But only a few of us pay serious attention to one of the factors that are often neglected by most. 

Yes! The power of “web Host”. Your web hosting server plays a very important role in determining the speed of your website and consequently the rankings on search engines.

Without a good hosting server your all SEO and marketing might go in vain. With a slow loading website, you get nothing better than an increased bounce rate.

FACT: If your website doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds, you will lose 50 percent of your online audience. 

Considering the importance of web hosting and site speed as a critical factor for a business website, here we are on the way to review some of the greatest web hosting services for WordPress. Let’s get into the details: 

Do you need a good web host?? 

If you run a business and have a website, web hosting for you is a necessity. A high-speed server is no longer an optional business luxury for online business owners.

When even a local barbershop should be discoverable on the internet, At the least, your business needs a service page and contact details with business hours. 

Tips to know before you get started with web hosting

a. You get what you pay for

If your business or a website is something more than just a hobby, You should not always look for the cheapest deal. Web hosting is no more an optional necessity, but an essential tool for online business success. 

b. Be Aware of Pricing

Do not get trapped into introductory low pricing contracts. Most of them have a very unfail deal once the introductory pricing period ends. 

c. Make sure the service provide is trust worthy

There are thousands of hosting resellers available around faking to be a trustworthy hosting provider. Remember to verify each detail before you make a deal with them. Google to find out reviews, plans, contact details and other info regarding the hosting provider. 

Web Hosting CompanyCompany LogoOverall
Disk SpaceWebsite
SiteGroundSiteGround Hosting WordPress Review9.5/10$3.9510 GBGet It Now!!
InMotionInMotion Hosting Review WordPress9.3/10$6.9940 GBGet It Now!!
Bluehostbluehost hosting review WordPress9.0/10$2.6850 GBGet It Now!!
A2hostinga2hosting WordPress review8.9/10$11.9910 GBGet It Now!!
DreamhostDreamHost Hosting WordPress review8.3/10$3.9550 GBGet It Now!!
GoDaddyThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-3.png8/10$2.935 GBGet It Now!!
HostGatorhostgator hosting WordPress review8/10$2.75100 GBGet It Now!!
MochahostThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-2-2.png7.8/10$1.77unlimitedGet It Now!!
KinstaThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-4.png7.2/10$3010 GBGet It Now!!
WPEngineThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-3-1.png7.0/10$2510 GBGet It Now!!

Here is our selected list of 10 best Hosting Provider for WordPress

  1. Siteground
  2. Inmotion Hosting
  3. Bluehost
  4. GoDaddy
  5. Hostgator
  6. Mochahost
  7. Kinsta
  8. WPEngine
  9. Dreamhost
  10. A2hosting

Siteground Hosting

Siteground is our top recommendation. Starting with the site ground hosting is possible right away after you subscribe to their hosting plan. With a very easy setup process, they have a brisk server with super powerful SSDs. 

The siteground platform is powered by google cloud. That provides poweful and technically superior hosting service.

  • Super fast servers: All the server are extremely optimized for highest possible speed. Equipped with latest hardware and custom software equipped with latest hardware liek SSD, your site willl run super fast in this server. 
  • Top Notch Customer Support:  Siteground offers excellent support to their customers. They provide 24/7 phone support, live chat with the ticket based support. provide 

They offer 24/7 phone, live chat, and ticket based support.

  • Free CDN and SSL They offer instant setup of free CDN with Cloudflare and free SSL certification.
  • Multiple Server LocationsThey has data centers on three continents. You can choose the location you prefer during signup.

InMotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting is among the best hosting companies. Their basic plan is a bit expensive compared to most others but it worth it.

The server uptime is good and their support team is 24/7 available. They have super fast servers and all their system server are backed with very advanced technologies.

You can use a one-click WordPress installation facility from their cPanel and also with the basic plan you are also able to host two websites.

But unfortunately, you won’t get a free SSL offer with this hosting. This is one of the main downsides of Inmotion Hosting.

Bluehost Hosting

Blue host is one of the most popular hosting providers for WordPress. When you buy their hosting you get a free domain for the first year. With Bluehost, you get unmetered bandwidth with their plan starting from $2.75/month. With all the plans you will get highly improved security, consistent backups, and an SSL certificate for FREE. Blue host is highly optimized for WordPress websites and blogs. 

Bluehost Breakdown

SPEED: Blue host runs on a very high-speed server 

SUPPORT: They offer dedicated 24/7 Live Chat support

APPS: Blue host is great for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and some website builders

FEATURES: They offer unmetered bandwidth and storage, email accounts. You get a free domain for the first year. 

HOSTING PLANS: Shared, Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated Servers

SITE TRANSFER: Site transfer is not free

PRICING: the basic plan starts at 2.75/month. 

GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy is an excellent hosting with windows and Linux based servers. They have excellent 24/7 customer service support. The downside of GoDaddy is that they don’t offer cloud web hosting. With GoDaddy, it is very easy to start building your web property. Simply choose a domain name, get their hosting plan and start building your site. GoDaddy is more popular for its domain, email and shared hosting.

GoDaddy uses Cpanel and Linux to offer the fastest and reliable loading time. They monitor 24/7 for security and DDOs protection to prevent malicious attacks.

Besides their shared hosting, GoDaddy also has different plans for dedicated, VPS, and WordPress specific hostings.

HostGator Hosting

Best WordPress Hosting

Hostgator is popular for its large number of servers and for being reliable consistently. Though HostGator is mostly known for its shared hosting, they also have a good service for dedicated and VPS option.

Hostgator is a bit expensive compared to some other providers but the extra added price worth it because of its improved infrastructure and dedicated support.

The cPanel is very easy to use with free drag and drop custom website builder. With every plan, you get unlimited bandwidth, email, and storage. They offer 45 days money-back guarantee.

MochaHost Hosting

Best WordPress Hosting

Mochahost is another affordable hosting with great customer support. If you are looking for a hosting service on a budget and yet don’t want to compromise on the quality and features of the hosting, then the mocha host will be your perfect choice.

With mocha host you get a lifetime discount, meaning that you can renew your hosting plan for the initial price you have paid. The customer support is too good with 24/7 live chat, phone call, and support tickets.

Mochahost has different hosting options like cloud, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Their cloud hosting platform is highly optimized for an eCommerce platform.

Mochahost basic hosting plan starts at 1.95/moonth where you can host a single website with unlimited bandwidth and storage space. you also get unlimited emails account and SSL certificate.

Kinsta Hosting

Best WordPress Hosting

Kinsta is a powerful hosting service provider that focuses on setting up optimized managed hosting. Kinsta is backed by a powerful google cloud platform and its infrastructure. Kinsta more uses the traditional cPanel UI and instead it uses a custom panel.

WordPress installation with Kinsta is very simple with just a click as it supports one-click installation features. Kinsta offers 24/7 chat and tickets for customer support. Ther server uptime is great with very fast loading time.

WPEngine Hosting

Best WordPress Hosting

WPEngine is perhaps the best known and largest provider of “managed WordPress hosting”. They have customers from over 140 countries and holds a lot of experience in hosting WordPress sites. 

They offer a high-performance hosting environment that is specially optimized for WordPress sites . their hosting ensures that your website is always safe and secure with optimal loading time. 

WPEngine always keeps your site up to date through their automated backup that safely restores your files, theme, plugins, and database whenever you need. Also manual backup is possible. 

All the hosting plan from WPEngine includes a free CDN by MaxCDN. You also get an SSL certificate at no extra cost. They regularly scan your website for malware and another kind of security threats. 

DreamHost Hosting

Dreamhost is a popular web hosting among the majority of developers and tech personals. Dreamhost is also endorsed by WordPress. For a very affordable price, they offer unlimited bandwidth, backup, and 24/7 customer support. With Dreamhost you also gean SSL certificate for free.

Shared hosting from Dreamhost starting at 3.95/month gives you a great plan to get started. You can always upgrade if your visitors count increases by more than 200000/month.

As a shared hosting server, you get a VPS( Virtual Private Server) and the VPS hosting plan starts at 13.75/month. Dreamhost also offers dedicated hosting which starts at 169 /Month.

A2 Hosting

Best WordPress Hosting

A2 Hosting has been offering some of the fastest servers since 2001. With very efficient customer support, their hosting plans are very friendly to developers. They offer a uniquely awesome “anytime” money-back guarantee.
If you are in search of relatively affordable hosting and yet don’t want to degrade the performance, A2 hosting can be a great choice. Their most basic plan starts at just 2.96/month.

A2 hosting takes speed and security together without letting to slow down your site during the scan. They have lightning fast speed servers protected by “HackScan” which monitors the threat and malware 24/7.

WordPress Hosting FAQ

1. What is a WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is a type of hosting that is specifically configured to WordPress sites.

2. What is a shared web hosting?

A shared web hosting is a kind of web hosting where a common available resources is shared among different users. A single server hosts multiple domains in shared hosting.

3. What is the bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the total amount of data that is accessed when a website is viewed. It is the measurement of the data transferred when the user views the website.

4. How much bandwidth do I need?

If you have a simple website with some text and few images, you need a small bandwidth. If you have a lot of videos and audio streams than you might need a greater bandwidth.

5. What is disk space?

The disk space is the amount of space which is available for the user to store any kind of files including the email account storage.

6. What is SSL?

SSL refers to secure socket layer. SSL is a protocol that helps to transfer information online in a secure way.

Final Words

This was our note on Best WordPress hosting for 2020. After comparing different metrics and features we have found Siteground to be the top-ranked among all other hosting parties.

They have decent up-time, fast loading time, a great customer support system and fair pricing for all plans.

Remember to share your hosting experience by leaving a comment below. We would be more than glad to know your experience with the hosting service you use.

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