5+ Best WordPress Plugins to Clone or Duplicate a WordPress Site

What is site cloning or site duplication?

Cloning a website generally means taking a complete backup of the site and reinstalling it into a new location.

Whenever you change your hosting service, you need to restore your website on a new host. In this case, cloning of the site is done to make the change on the host.

It is not that difficult to manage the site duplication manually in case of WordPress, but backing up the files in the database and re-establishing it in the new server location can be technically time-consuming and can cause an unexpected error at times.

In this case, the WordPress plugin comes handy and with them, you can easily perform site cloning without any stress. Using a plugin will save your hours of workload.

Things to consider while migrating a WordPress site to maintain SEO Score🚀🚀

▶ Scuff all the necessary site data like title tag, meta description, canonical tag etc.

▶ Disallow the crawler to crawl your staging site.

▶ Setup redirects on the staging site.

▶ Updates XML sitemap, robots.txt, meta robots etc.

▶ Look for SEO errors in the new site.

Here in this article, we will discuss how you can create a duplicate copy of your complete site and shift the copy to a new location using some great plugins. We will look at five different WordPress plugins that can be used to clone your WordPress site.

Lets begin with the list of plugins:

▮Duplicator (FREE/$59-plus

▮All-in-One WP Migration (FREE)

▮WP Staging (FREE/€89-plus)

▮XCloner (FREE)

▮Migrate Guru

Duplicator (FREE/PAID)⤵

wp  plugin

Duplicator is perhaps the best plugin available in WordPress. When you run the duplicator, it scans your site totally and makes sure all the things are fine. This also aware you about the large-sized files which you might consider not to include in the backup.

The backup is called as packages here. when you are creating a new backup, you create new packages.

The free version of duplicator allows you to perform the backup up to 500MB in size. In the free version, you cannot back up using FTP. Also, you need a premium version of duplicator if you want to back up your files to a cloud storage location like Google Drive and Dropbox.

👉 Easy transfer of WP site from one host to the other

👉 Extract a live site to local host for maintenance and development.

👉Duplicate a live site to a staging area or vice versa

👉 undle up an entire WordPress site for easy reuse or distribution

All-in-One WP Migration (FREE)⤵

WordPress migration plugin

All-in-One WP Migration is a totally free WordPress plugin for cloning and migrating a WordPress site.

When you create backup of your site, this plugin allows you to find out text and replace them. Doing this helps in changing the URLs of the site in the backup files

Things like spam comments, post revision and other media files can be excluded from the backup to reduce the size of the backup.

After creating the backup from your first site, simply activate the plugin on the next site where you want to restore the backup. Once the plugin is activated, select to import the backup.

Migrating a small sized website is perfect using the plugin “all in one WP migration”. However there is a limit of 512 MB transfer , so you need to get a premium extension for extra price inorder to the break the import limit.

Extension for $69 will allow you to import files larger than 512 MB while if you prefer to import and export the backup using FTP, you need to pay $99.

All in one WP migration is a all round WordPress migration solution. But the free version is restircted to limited size transfer and you need to spend few extra hundred bucks for the larger size backup solution and extended functionality.

👉 Bypass all the backup restriction

👉 Totally free to use

👉 Zero dependencies

👉 Compatible to all WordPress version

WP Staging (FREE/PAID)⤵

WordPress migration plugin

WP Staging is a WordPress migration allows you to create a copy of your complete site for staging within a matter of seconds depending up on the file size of your site.

Using this plugin you can create a clone of your site including the complete copy of your database.

All the operations that consumes time like copying files and database are done in the background. In the free version of plugin the staging website is created as a sub folder of yoru main wordpress installation while in the premium version you can install it remotely.

👉 SEO friendly

👉 Easy to use

👉 Very fast migration

XCloner (FREE)⤵

WordPress migration plugin

XCloner is a migration plugin for WordPress websites that is totally free to use.

With this plugin you have a complete control over backuup generation process. You can define your won backup location. you can download the backup in zip format files, can back it up via FTP or you can use cloud storage like amazon, google derive to store backup.

👉 Secure WordPress backups

👉 Restore backups anywhere

👉Remote storage for WordPress backups

Migrate Guru⤵

WordPress migration plugin

Migrate Guru is a free plugin that is used to migrate wordpress websites and is compatible with almost all the major hosting providers. Using this plugin you can easily move a wordpress site from one server to anothe.

Migrate Guru is a better option for a larger website. This plugin can move 1 GB site in almost half an hour. You can use this plugin to migrate the site as large as 200 GB.

You have a migration limit with this plugin. you can only perform 5 site migration per month. This should be sufficient for a normal user. This is a completely free plugin without any option for premium extensions.

👉 Move 80% faster! (Clone 1GB sites in <30 minutes). Enter host details & click ‘Migrate’. That’s it!

👉 Exceptionally good for larger sites

👉 no ad ons

👉No extra load on site


Using a WordPress migration plugin does not only save your hours of work time, but it also helps you move your site securely without any error.

The above mentioned plugins are some of the best in the types. You can use any one of them based on the size of your site and requirement. Make sure you keep a server based backup before you begin the migration process.

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