The importance of SEO for business and how to improve it

What is SEO✍

SEO which means “search engine optimization” is a practice of optimizing the website for making it visible on the organic search results. SEO helps to solve different errors and issues that are preventing your website and business brand from getting enough exposure in the search engine.

SEO primarily encircles all the site structure and content strategy. When done in the right way, SEO can produce exceptionally great user experience for the end-users and thus providing a better brand identity.

SEO basically implements different strategies based on the search engine guidelines to demonstrate a bigger value to the search engines. Doing this will make search engines to better understand your website. When search engines understand the value of your site they will rank the site higher on the search result pages based on relevant queries. The final or the main goal of SEO is to make your web page or your website easily available on the top search results in search engines like Google.

Why a business needs SEO

The importance of SEO for business and how to improve it

Here are some clear reasons to why a business needs SEO service in order to take the online business to next level.

SEO makes you visible in the Organic Search

Googe covers almost 80% of the total search market. Every people that have internet access will browses for information on Google many times a day. People visit search engines like Google to learn about the product, get information, news and to find reviews about different products.

In this case, being visible on the top search results in Google will always help you to showcase your business to the huge mass of audience. Quality and ethical SEO practice help your business to feature on the top results in such search results.

SEO escalates the business trust

With a great and well-planned SEO strategy, you create a strong base for a website that is highly focused on user experience. When your website has great user experience and is easily discoverable in the google, that will establish trust and credibility of your business brand.

The brand authority is gradually built up with time and depends on the factors like

✎High-quality links coming to your website.

✎The pragmatic user behaviour

✎Optimized site elements like codes, images, navigation and link structure

✎Well formatted and optimised content with valuable intent.

SEO provides better user experience

Great user experience is a staircase to get to the top in search results. Without good user experience, you will fail to manage your website ranking on search results.

User experience is one of the Google ranking factors and good user experience will help to decrease the bounce rate and increase the average time on your website. This signal adds in your ranking score. So, better user experience implies a higher ranking on search result pages.

SEO increases engagement and conversion rate for local business

Local SEO helps to optimize your business for the local domain and local audience. Optimizing business for a local listing like Google my business page, Google map and local citation build-up can help you get more visibility in the local sphere.

You can optimize your business knowledge graph and social media listing for making it more visible in the local search. This way you can create better engagement and that would lead to more conversions.

SEO is an investment

SEO is not merely marketing, but an investment that will continue to generate ROI for a long time once invested properly. The output or result of SEO is not instant and it takes time and patience to start seeing the result of SEO. But, once you start getting a result, it becomes a great source of traffic and revenue for a considerably long run.

SEO is definitely a long term play with long term benefits. The result of SEO depends on the level of your SEO implementation and the authority of your competitors.

SEO is going to stay long

online shopping and search experience is only to evolve more now. there is no going back by any means. And, with that means SEO is going to evolve more and more. The sooner you invest, the better you succeed with an online business.

SEO is cheaper than Paid Advertising

The importance of SEO for business and how to improve it

The organic search covers a huge part of a traffic source for any kind of website. More than 64 per cent of traffic comes from organic search while only about 6% is generated from paid searches.

Numbers don’t lie! The above chart clearly demonstrates the contrast between organic search and paid search.

Organic searches attract the target audience

Using the organic search you can reach the maximum number of potential customer or audience. The organic search helps your business to increase its presence in the search engine result pages relevant to your nice, product, audience and service. With organic search, you can implement the benefit of content marketing and reach the target audience. The content that is created for organic SEO is very well responded by the audience.

How to create an SEO strategy for business

If you are a business owner or a marketer looking out to get started with the SEO plan for your business, you need to follow this simple checklist. This checklist will help you identify the areas of focus and important segments for your SEO.

For any typical businesses niche, the main SEO focus point to consider will be:

Website. Build up a very light weighted, speed optimized and responsive website for your business. Your website should be followed “mobile-first” approach

Content. Create content that will help the audience to get all the valuable information and details they are looking for.

Content marketing. Create enough content on landing pages and describe your product and service in the best possible way. Integrate a blog that is updated regularly with valuable content and reach out to your audience to offer the content.

On-page. Technical optimization is very important to make sure your website is properly indexed by search engines.

✅Local SEO. Local SEO is a great part of a small local business. Google my business and google map optimization is crucial for getting local customers.

Authority building. Do outreach program and content marketing to get high-quality backlinks.

Credibility. Build up citations, reviews and testimonials to gain more credibility.

What are the effective SEO tools for business ?️

Using the right tool is one of the keys to SEO success. A business should focus on the right kind of tools to implement the SEO strategy and get effective results. A greater tool can make your task easy by monitoring traffic, identifying technical issues and managing content marketing plans. Here are a few of the practically tested tools that work really well for SEO.Google Analytics

The importance of SEO for business

?Google Analytics / Google Search Console.

This tool helps you monitor site performance, understand visitor’s behaviours and notifies you with the potential site errors.

?Bright local / Moz Local

These are great tool for local optimization. Local business should not escape these tools inorder to attarct more local audinece.

?GTmetrix speed tool

GTmetrix is a great tool to monitor your site performance in terms of speed and usability. It offers great insight on site loading time and recommends easy way to load your site faster.


This is a great tool for backlink and competitor analysis.

?Small SEO tools

This is a bundle of free SEO tools that are very useful for all kind of SEO work.


Buzz sumo is a great tool for content marketing. It helps you to get trending content ideas.

The very common FAQ

  1. Does SEO still work?

?️ The quick answer is YES! SEO will continue to evolve as long as the search engines remain the main source of information. SEO is changing, it is not dying.

2. Which is better? Organic SEO or paid searches?

?️ Paid search are for instant results and is expensive in a long run. SEO takes time but in a long run it becomes less expensive and gives more ROI

3. How long it takes to get the result with SEO?

?️ The result from SEO depend on your market competition, competitors strength and the age of your website. There is no exact time frame and no one can guaranteed on result from SEO

Wrapping up

Ready to start optimizing your website? Follow the guidelines and tips mentioned above. This will make your optimization process much easier.

Do not go for any kind of unethical SEO practice that can harm your site reputation or even can make you penalized by Google. Stick to ethical white hat SEO practice. It may take time to start seeing results but the result you get will be sustainable and valuable.

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