Why do you need a CDN for a WordPress site?

A CDN is a content delivery network that helps to increase the performance for your site and handle your resources with ease.

CDN is a network of different servers located in different geographical location. A CDN stores a cached static content from the website and delivers it to the user when requested.

There are many benefits of using a CDN for a WordPress website. In this article, we are discussing some of the pros of using a CDN.

CDN will Speed up your WordPress site

Using a CDN will definitely make your site load faster. if you have a very heavy site with a large number of files, using a CDN can make it load much faster. You might have seen your website getting slower when there is an increase in traffic. in such cases, CDN comes handy to make your website’s performance consistency and uninterrupted. The CDN is made to handle the large load so they won’t shatter when there is a sudden spike in the traffic. This is because CDN distributes the load to different servers and therefore preventing your main server to resist all the load.

Using a CDN will improve the user experience

Fast loading sites implies greater and improved user experience. Faster the site loads, lesser is the bounce rate. Users do not want to wait for a lazy loading site and bounce back immediately if the site takes too long to load. This affects the user experience of a site. When you use a content delivery network, the site loads pretty fast and therefore provides a pleasing user experience.

Using a CDN will improve the SEO of WordPress site

The loading speed of the website is one of the factors that contribute to the SEO score. site speed is one of the key indicators of SEO. Using CDN improves the website speed and thus overall SEO performance.

Do you really need a CDN

Using A CDN hardly has a downside. You definitely need a CDN if:

  • Your website targets a global audience
  • Your website is large with lots of images and files.
  • Your website might get a sudden spike in traffic at times.

Which is the best CDN for a WordPress site?

There a lot of CDN providers for WordPress sites. Following are some of the provides that we have practically tested and found trustworthy.

  1. MaxCDN
  2. Sucuri
  3. Cloudflare
  4. KeyCDN
  5. Google Cloud CDN
  6. Amazon CloudFront

How To use a CDN with WordPress site?

Using a CDN is very simple with WordPress sites. You can easily integrate CDN with WordPress using a CDN plugin available in the WordPress plugin repository. There are also many caching plugins that have features for integrating CDN.


Using a CDN can drastically improve the way your WordPress site performs. From increasing the user experience to making your site load faster, a CDN is a real site booster and will hardly have any downside.

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