25 Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress

Blogging with WordPress is a legit way to make money online. If you have a passion for something and want to share with the world, WordPress could be the best platform for you. You can easily create a blog using WordPress and portray your skills and experience through the medium of your blog.

WordPress currently powers more than 35 % of CMS available making itself the largest publishing platform. Most probably, you should already have been faded up with 9-5 work schedule and looking for an escape. Everybody hates the regular work schedule because it is not only often frustrating but also it is obsolete. In this case, starting a blogging journey and creating an alternative passive source of income is the best escape. And, WordPress can make all this happen with least effort.

However, before you dive in to pool of blogging and WordPress you need to be aware of the fact that Blogging is never a “make money online” or ” get rich quickly” kind of scheme. It is solely about generating income by sharing trustworthy and genuine content and bringing value in the online community. Generating Income form WordPress blog is always a secondary thing, value and content is the primary pillar.

Here we are with top 25 ways to make money online with WordPress blogs.

Affiliate program setup

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest sources of revenue for most of the well-known bloggers. You can sign up for the affiliate program and place affiliate links in your blog. This works even if you are in the early stage of your blogging. Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your loyal followers which later you can convert into prospects.

Guest post opportunity

You can make money by reaching out to the company and publishers and offering your skills. Before you do this you need to have some valuable content materials that display your skills. Later, you can use this blog as a portfolio and approach for opportunity.

Create and offer a free course

Offering a free course and making money! Wait, does it make any sense?
The answer is: Yes, it makes an absolute sense.

You can design and offer a free course and reach out to your target audience. As the users sign up for your free offer, you will have a database of their email which are your potential prospects. Once the free course is completed you can create a premium course and upsell them. For the users who found an added value in your free course are more likely to sign up for your premium course.

Make a post cast

You can create a podcast and sell through your blog. The audience can purchase the podcast and listen to it by simply downloading it. commit yourself to make a great podcast. Create a compelling and unique selling proposition that would target your potential customers and make money using your podcast.

Sell digital products

You can create your own digital product based on your skills and expertise. An e-book, a kindle or a design template. Any digital product can be sold to make money.

Sell membership

You can generate a monthly recurring income by selling exclusive membership. and this is one of the lucrative revenue streams for bloggers. You can design the evergreen type of monthly contest. Provide premium content to your loyal fanbase and design affordable materials for an audience who choose to spend less. You can use a WordPress plugin like MemberPress to sell membership

Make a Question and answer community

An engaging community is a great way to get monetized. Like a forum, you invest your time to build a community. You can monetize from community involvement using ads, affiliate ads and sponsorships

Write Paid Reviews

Bloggers often get paid to write reviews, product mentions, and announcements in their blog. For example, if you’ve run a successful blog on WordPress themes, a theme company could pay yours for writing a detailed review of their new theme release. This way you add and extra content on your blog and make money at the same time.

Provide online consultations

If you have a long run experience and expertise for something in a competitive niche, you can offer premium consultation service. you can provide consulting service using live chats, video conference and video calls. People are more willing to pay higher for the most experienced consultant.

Sponsored Contents

If you have a great fan following and valuable content on your blog, you can ask the company or public figures to sponsor your content. This will give you a marketing opportunity at zero cost while making the sponsor benefit from your target audience.

Create a locked section in your blog

Along with free resources, you can upsell a paid product or service to your registrants. For example, you run a health blog where you regularly write about getting healthy, food, exercise, lifestyle etc. This content is available to all the audience visiting your blog.

Now, you can create a restricted or a locked section that would be accessible only to the premium members. The locked section can have a resource like “30-day diet plan to reduce your belly fat“.

Sell the physical product with an online store

If you have a product or an idea, you can start your online store using your blog audience. With WordPress, you can easily create an online store and integrate with your blog. This can be easily done using WordPress eCommerce plugin “woo-commerce”. This allows you to sell physical products and make money.

Start job listing/board

People are always looking for a job opportunity or a vacancy. You can start a job section on your blog where you announce vacancies and job opportunity. You can charge for a listing job on your blog to make money out of it. Problogger is a good example of this.

Build an email list

For most of the successful bloggers “email list is money”. once you are able to build a database of loyal customer you will have a great opportunity to convert the those subscribers into a paying customer.

OptinMonster, MailChimp and Sumo are some of the best plugins for building an email list.

Offer a freebie likefree ebook, “a free 10 days course into your email“. Even after your giveaway is over, the subscriber will stay a long and get engaged with your new contents. This gives you a probability to upsell your paid resource.

Host webinars

If you have established your blog as an authority in your niche or on a specific topic, this is the best option to monetize your blog. You can simply host a webinar using a webinar hosting platform like ZOOM and AnyMeeting

You can easily host a webinar on your WordPress blog using plugins like WebinarPress.

People will attend your webinar and you get paid for answering their questions.

Write for business

This is a business age. the business house is always looking for smart content experts who can publicize them on the story and spotlight. If you are a popular blogger you will often get hit by such business bodies to write on them. The payout of such opportunity is also very smart.

Sell advertisement space

If you have a decent visitor you can segment space for paid advertisement. There are a lot of companies and brands looking for the ads space in popular blogs and sites. But you need to make sure that you have a high number of visitors on your blog and also you have a big database of email subscribers.

WordPress has a lot of ads management plugins to help you with creating space on your blog for advertisement.

Freelance writing opportunity

If you are an expert in yoga and meditation and run a blog on the same topic, a yoga centre could ask you to write a paid post on benefits of yoga that would target their audience. For such an opportunity, you need to establish your authority for a particular subject or topic. Also, you can hunt for freelancing opportunity in platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

You can make money by placing pop-up ads on your blog. whenever a user visits your site, a pop up ads will appear on the screen of the user. The user will have two options: either to close the pop-up or to visit the advertised site. Many companies and brand are willing to pay for such kind of opportunity if your blog has good visitors.

You can use pop up builder plugin on your WordPress blog to display pop up ads.

Google Adsense opportunity

Signing up for Google AdSense is a great way to monetize your blog. Google will help you make money out of your blog visitors by placing relevant ads on your blog. To make a better profit, focus on a niche that is paid high. Create original and value-based contents and update your blog regularly for better performance.

You can use WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and Rankmath SEO to optimize your blog for search engines like Google. This helps you to rank better and get more visitors.

Accept sponsored posts

Selling sponsored post is another way of making money out of your blog. You can allow other brand and companies to publish their posts on your blog and promote their product and services. If you have an average of 10000 visitors per month, you can earn around 100 dollars per post.

Dropship products

Dropshipping is an emerging model of eCommerce that is growing rapidly. You can sign up and start dropshipping products using services like Shopify and Oberlo dropshipping service.

You can advertise your dropshipping store through your blog and make money.

Ask for donations

Asking for something can be the easiest way to receive it. People are ready to donate you if you are bringing theme some added value with your blog’s content and resources. If you have been consistently providing useful and free information through your blog, do not hesitate to ask for a donation. This often can work wonder.

WordPress plugins like WPform help you set up a pre-built donation form to ask and accept donations online.

Sell WordPress themes

If you are good at web design or development, you can start developing WordPress themes and sell them through your blog. You can also hire a WordPress geek to help you create awesome themes.

If you do not want to create your own themes, you can also sell themes from a third party. You can easily earn commission on selling each theme. the commission could be as high as 60% of the sale.

Theme store like MyThemeShop offers as high as 55% commission

Sell your blog

Many people are always looking for a live and functional blog that is already marketed and have a fan following. If you have a WordPress blog that has good visitors, you can sell the blog and earn good money.

Flippa is a good marketplace for selling and buying blogs and website. From this website can get more idea and tricks on pricing and selling your blog

Over to you

So, this brings you to the end of 25 ways you can make money online Using a WordPress blog. There are more ways you can make money online. you need to test and figure out which one works better for your niche and style. Growing with blogging is more of an experiment. You need to experiment and test on a regular basis to thrive on digital blogging era. It may look difficult and frustrating in the beginning but few months of dedication will bring you the real reward.

We have a great step by step guided tutorial on how to start a blog with WordPress. You can use this guide to create a WordPress blog without any hassle and kick start your blogging journey. We would love to hear from you on your blogging experience. Do not forget to share your thoughts on the comment below.

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