How to Move Your site from to

When I was just a beginner in WordPress, I made the first site using It was great fun to get started with but not so long after I realised the limitations on and started looking for the way to move on to the platform.

As a beginner, it was not that easy for me to handle all the things together. With the help of some great tutorial and WordPress guides, I managed to successfully move on to In this guide, I will show you the exact process in a very simple way to guide you to move your site from to

Before you being the migration process, you should already have installed WordPress on your host. There are different hosting services available to host WordPress site.

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Step 1: Export your existing content

In order to move your existing site from to a new site, you should first export all your site from In this tutorial, I will show you how to do that with one of my a demo site that I made back as a beginner. Let’s see how this can be done.

First, you should go into you admin area by signing in.

How to Move Your site from to

In the WP admin area of your site look for the “tools” section. inside the tools section click on “export

How to Move Your site from to

Select the expert box and click on ” start export“.

How to Move Your site from to

On the next page, you need to select the things you would like to export. Make sure you to select “all content” option as you are going to import the whole site.

How to Move Your site from to

Now, your site will be downloaded as a single XML file. The file contains all the content like the post, page, menu, and more. Copy the download file and save it on the desktop area.

Step 2: Importing content of the old site to the new site.

Login to the admin area of your site. your WP admin area looks like this.

In the WP admin area of the go to “tools“–“import

On the next page, click to install the WordPress import plugin. Move down the bottom and hit the button ‘” install now

After the plugin is installed, you will see “run importer” on the same link. Hit “run importer” to continue file import.


Now in the next step click on “choose file” and select the downloaded (.xml) file that you already have from your previous site. Then, click ” upload file and import” button to continue.

WordPress will continue to import all your content from the previous site.

Before your site import begins, WordPress will ask you to choose which author you would want to assign all the old post to. In this case:

  • create the exact author profile as in your site
  • assign to new author profile
  • assign to existing author profile
Move Your site from to

You can also check the box that says” download and import file attachments” so that all your images and media files in the post remains intact without the post being broken on the new site.

Click on the “submit” button and the migration will ultimately take place. The time for the migration depends on the size of your file. So have patience.

Once you’ve done that, click Submit, and WordPress will migrate everything over. Depending on how big your site is, this might take a little time.

Step 3: Check for any error and issues

If you have followed all the instructions accurately, the imported site should look exactly similar to the previous site in

However, it is a good idea to go through the site once to make sure that all the images and content are imported correctly. Check for any broken links and text.

Sometimes in a large site unexpected loss of content can happen. So, double-checking is a good way to ensure everything is fine.

Step 4: Redirect your site

Move Your site from to

After successful migration, another step would be to take care of SEO things. You should remember to redirect your old site to your site. This will help you preserve your search engine rankings.

In this case, redirection from can be done only after paying an amount of $13. For someone looking to preserve the SEO weight and restore their search ranking, spending $13 should not be a big concern.

To redirect your old site Site Redirect page. Put on your new URL in the box and git “go“. Finish the payment process.

Enter your new domain name in the box, click Go, and handle the payment:

Install Important Plugins

Installing plugins is not a mandatory step, but will definitely give you a lot of added comfort. You can install Jetpack plugin for WordPress which you probably have been accustomed while using
Jetpack can help you with the traffic stat, controls security threats and reduce the load time of your site.

Move Your site from to
Move Your site from to

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Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of the steps to follow in order to move your site successfully from to When you completely move your site on to the new platform you would be expecting your site to look like your old site.

But, that might not be the case. Because the migration process will transfer only the content files not the theme as a whole. So depending upon your active theme the site might look a bit different. If you want to preserve the original feel of your site, you can install the same theme to make it look similar to your old site.

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