How to write a perfect blog post in WordPress in 10 easy steps

WordPress is the largest blogging platform today. The ease of use and flexibility to customize the things with WordPress makes it the most preferred blogging platform.

Starting a blog with WordPress is pretty simple and anyone can get started with it in a matter of an hour. You simply need a web hosting service and a domain name to get started with blogging on WordPress and setting up everything is exceptionally easy.

This step by step guide to creating a WordPress blog will help you to set up a complete blog without any hassle.

Now that you’ve known the simplicity of WordPress as a blogging platform, you would want to create some blog posts and kick start your blogging journey. Here, in this blog post, you will come across some simple yet very important tips that will help you create better blog posts. Just by following the tips below your post can stand out in the pool of blogs.

Find a topic for your post

Coming up with a great title or a topic is the most important part of creating a successful and appealing blog post. You should never ever neglect this part. Coming up with whatever you have in your mind is not going to work because they simply cannot get your lots of visitors.

For this, you need to be very clear about your niche and should find a general keyword that you would want to create content around. With this basic keyword, you can come up with a number of secondary keywords using online tools.

Different keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Semrush, Google Keyword Planner are available for free to research and filter the potential keywords. After you find your keyword and develop a suitable topic based on your keyword, you should starting writing your post.

Most of the online visitors read the headline or title to decide which article to go through. Using a captivating headline can easily catch the attention of the visitor. An informative and inspiring headline that uses some power words usually works very well. Such a headline inspires them and triggers the audience to get engaged with the post.

Use proper heading tags and formatting

Heading improves the readability of text. It helps search engines to better analyze the content. Heading also signifies the importance of content in hierarchical order and shows how your content is interconnected.

Formatting is very important for writing great posts. Keep your paragraphs short and clean. nothing is irritating than reading an ill-formatted exhaustive paragraph. People skip long and lengthy paragraphs.

The better option is to break the content with subheading using H2, and H3. this will increase the readability of the post and keeps users engaged with the content.

Use bullet points

Readers generally skim the blog post they read it. If they do not find some great information highlighted on the post, they are likely to escape your content. Therefore, The best way to grab the quick attention of the reader is to highlight important and catchy information using bullet points. some good bulleting tips include:

  • show clear information and benefit using bullet points.
  • Keep bullets in proportion, i.e. each with 1-2 lines.
  • Do not make a mess with bullets. Don’t paste a paragraph in a bullet point.
  • Bullets are like headlines of your post. Make it short and precise.

Remember, with bullet points you are spoon-feeding your audience, so give something important.

Use image in your blog post

It is a proven fact that visual content is processed much faster than the text by our brain. You can take advantage of this fact by using enough relevant images in your blog post. A captivating and high-quality image will help boost your post engagement.

Pixabay, pexels, and Free Pic are some great resources for finding high-quality free images.

Pablo is a great online tool for creating beautiful images easily to make your posts pop.

Don’t make Grammatical and spelling mistakes

Make use of punctuation marks like full stops, commas, dash colons, etc to make the sentence more meaningful and sensible.

using such a sign makes your text more digestive. Break long sentences by using commas. This will make the content look clean and more engaging.

Do not make a lot of spelling mistakes. Grammatical errors can ruin the meaning of the sentence. using a correct grammatical order and right spelling will assure that the audience will react to your content in the way you expected.

If your English vocabulary and grammar is not a top drawer, you can use online writing assistance tools to make sure everything is on the mark. Grammarly is a great tool for a blogger. This tool will help you take the guesswork out of great writing.

Big and engaging font size

Use big and clear fonts for your blog post. Big sized font makes it clear to read the content. Sometimes you need to test different typography to figure out which works the best for your niche and design. 

Not only the font size, but you also need to take care of white space. A great line spacing will give your content a room to breathe. 

Use Suitable Plugins

Plugins add a lot more functionality to your blog post. There are different plugins available for security, speed optimization, SEO, and social media. Based on your niche, you can use different plugins that could be useful for bloggers. Here are some plugins that will help you in your blogging journey. 

  • Yoast WordPress SEO plugin (FREE). This plugin will help you optimize your blog post. 
  • Jetpack (FREE). This is an important plugin that will help you safeguard your blog and speed up your site. 
  • Akismet Anti-Spam (FREE). This is an anti-spamming plugin that will help your get rid of comment spams. 
  • Permalinks Customizer (FREE). With this plugin, you will be able to customize the permalink of each blog post. 

Post regularly

“If content is Kin, Consistency is the Queen”

Always remember to maintain consistency in your content production. You will be able to attract more visitors and will get more traffic to your site if you publish content on a regular basis. Keep eye on new trends, learn the niche updates, and keep updating everything fresh.

Wrapping up

By now, you should have got some ideas on how to make your post look better and perform great. If you impose these simple tips while creating your blog posts, you will see a remarkable improvement in the engagement, shares, and overall performance.

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